Autumn Fees 2018

1 hour a week – £75

2 hours week – £135

3 hours a week – £195

4 hours a week – £255

5 hours a week – £315

6 hours a week – £375

You can now pay quickly and easily through the ClassForKids system and you get an instant receipt with payments but there is a platform fee. You can still pay bank transfer or cash to avoid the fee but as you with us using the new system we are trying to limit down our hours spent dealing with admin.

If you do pay by cheque, there is a £1.50 charge, as it costs for us to process them.

Sort code: 20-48-42

Account number: 53437620

Reference: Child name + Class your child attends

This term will commence on Monday 3rd September the last session before we break up for October half term is Saturday 27th October. We will then return on Monday 5th November for the second half of the term, the last session before we break up for the Christmas holidays is Saturday 22nd December.

If paying for two or more children separate transactions must be made. Please do not include any purchases such as kit with the transaction – this also needs to be made in a separate transaction.

Thank you